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HDDP - High Density Patch Panel

Category 6 Jack

Category 6 JackĀ (UL Component) Specifications & Features

Category 6 Jack 10 gig white

Category 6/6A Keystone Jacks are designed to easily snap in and out of the wall plate, patch panel, and surface jack. Modular configurations include 6, 8, and 10 conductor jacks and 8 conductor shielded and fully shielded jack. For use with patch panel and wall plate.


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Part Number 3013A-8-C6/6A
Part Description Category 6 Jack UL Component
Product Category Category 6 Jack
UL Approved Yes
Patented Yes
Color Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, White
Material N/A
Weight N/A
Standard Packing Quantity 50 per bag;  250 per carton
Minimum Order Quantity 50 units
Price Click here for pricing information.  Sample price upon request.


- UL, 3P and ELMAC certified

- Meet EIA/TIA 568B.2-1, ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition, CENELEC EN 50173-1, and draft IEC 60603-7-4 requirements for Category 6 Connection Hardware

- Meets FCC Part 68 for RJ-45 connector

- Compatible for both T568A and T568B wiring schemes

- Fully automatic production of PCB assembly to ensure production consistency

- Fully automatic quality inspection for highest quality assurance

- Patent pending mechanical design

- Guided wire pre-sorting technology to help ensure proper installation

- Separated wire pairs at the IDC end to reduce cross talk between each pairs

- User friendly IDC design to separate twisted wire pairs easily

- Compatible for 24-port applications in 1 Unit Height

- Designed to easily snap in and out of wall outlets, patch panels, and surface boxes

- Compatible for both AT&T 110 and KRONE punch down tools


In order to achieve robust Category 6 level connecting hardware performance, the fundamental theories of RF transmissions was overlooked, and the basic physics of a keystone jack was reviewed. It was concluded that to reach the Category 6 level connecting hardware performance using the existing design and manufacturing system was impossible. Engineers at the factory spent over 3 years, going back to the principles of science, researching for solution for mass production of the connecting hardware. Finally, the state-of-the-art keystone technology was developed successfully. The highly sophisticated Category 6 keystone jack was designed from scratch, and adopts a completely new production process.

2.1 Overall Construction

- High quality engineering plastic for the housings to ensure stable production of dimensional tolerances

- Each materials and production processes used in the component are carefully selected to be compliant with RoHS directives

- Special designed keystone construction to make sure every parts are fixed tightly, and to minimize the possibility of parts matching problems caused by tolerances

- Innovative wire presort technology to help sorting the wires in a modulated sequence, thus ensuring the consistency of installation quality.

2.2 Contact Terminals

- Specially selected metal alloy, which has excellent physical properties, such as high elastic modulus, high conductivity, and high corrosion resistance

- Precision plating on the surface of contact terminals ensuring smooth surface to provide low contact resistance, high wear resistance, and high corrosion resistance

- Contacts are formed and positioned to reduce undesired coupling between each pairs, thus reduce crosstalk problems.

2.3 Signal Compensation Circuits

- Raw material of resin for PCB is specified for the best electrical properties, and Non-specified materials are not accepted

- Superior PCB layout developed with highly advanced simulation software to effectively compensate signal losses due to unwanted crosstalk


Two patents have been applied for the innovation and break-through in this technology:

- Mechanical design to ensure low assembly tolerances

- Guided wire pre-sorting technology to help ensure proper installation


a) Fully Automatic Production Line - A custom built fully automatic machine for producing core PCB assembly of the C6 keystone jacks to ensure highest precision and consistent quality

b) Work stations - Precision machined tools and carefully assembled work stations to make sure every step of the production is performed to the highest standard

c) Progressive Process - Progressive production process is formed by smooth transition from one station to the next

d) Control system - Each station is controlled and monitored by computer system

e) Digital QC Measurement - Digital image acquisition measurement of every keystone jack to ensure all production tolerances are met


Highest level of quality inspection reinforced:

- All the raw materials are strictly controlled and monitored

- Every batch of the PCB is tested for transmission performance

- All the contacts are examined at the pre-formation

- During the automatic assembly of the contacts, the dimensions are measured

- All plastic housing are examined before assembly

- The assembled keystone jack is also examined for final dimensions

- Conductivity is tested for every piece of the jack

- Random sampling of jacks from every production batch for performance testing

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