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HDDP - High Density Patch Panel

Category 6 Jack

High Density Patch Panel (Shielded and Non-shielded) - 48 Port - Tooless - 10 Gig

High Speed Patch Panel 10 Gig

In the current market and technology capability, you might be able to find only a combination of the above two unique features but not three together. We are proud to exhibit this High Density, High Speed and Tooless Patch Panel in the FOSE 2007.



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Part #:  HDPP-48(S)-C6/6A

This is the first high speed patch panel that you can have the    following combined unique features together in the current market:

Take a closer look below. Move the Patch Panel 360 degrees

1. High Density—It can hold 48 ports in 1 Unit.  Normally, the maximum you can hold is 24 ports in one U.  It is 50% saving in space.  It is ideal for DATA CENTER where space—in terms of cost for construction, electrical wiring, cooling, computer cabling, and equipment rack space etc.—is very expensive.

2. High Speed:  It can run up to 10 Gig/per second. This is the highest speed standard that TIA can specify so far in UTP Computer Cabling (i.e. Category 6/6A standard).

3. Tooless, Time and Labor Saving: It is a jack-to jack or feed through patch panel.  You just plug in.  No tool needed. It is great for port to port or point-to-point connection.  The traditional patch panel is jack-to-punch down (i.e. 110 IDC).  Each port, you need to punch down 8 times or 400 times for a 48-port panel.  Very often, the wires you punch down pops up again or, you punch down the wrong color wire to the IDC.  Or, you may even break or hurt the IDC.  It is a lot of time, labor and trouble saving in using this tooless patch panel.

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